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FAQ Section for guides

Find all the information you are looking for related to bookings & General information.

What happens when a tour assigned to me is cancelled?

If the tour is cancelled with less than 24 hours notice, it is considered NO SHOW.

If it is cancelled more than 24 hours in advance, it is considered CANCELLED and you will not be paid for any services.

In case you have already incurred in any expenses, (purchase of tickets, car rental, etc) you will be paid for those expenses and we will ask you to reassign those tickets whenever possible to a new date in order not to lose them.

What is a NO SHOW?

We consider a NO SHOW when the guest does not show up for the tour or when he/she decides to cancel the tour with less than 24 hours notice. There are exceptions to the rule but whenever possible this policy will be respected.

How long should I wait for a Guest before the tour is considered a NO SHOW?

After 30 minutes of waiting at the meeting point without any contact from the Guests we consider the tour a NO SHOW.

Once the NO SHOW is confirmed, how much will I be paid?

You will be paid for the full amount of the hours plus any expenses incurred up to the time of the NO SHOW. We will also ask you to reassign tickets where it is possible to do so to a new date.

How do the automatic messages work?

The automatic messages are presentation templates in which the guide introduces himself to the Guest and provides contact information and guidelines for each tour, for example for Tours that include food, we ask for preferences or food intolerances. Or in the case of Sagrada Familia in Barcelona whose audio guide is an app, we request that guests bring their mobile devices charged and headphones for the experience. These messages are the product of a thorough study of each tour, although you can add whatever you want once you have established contact with the Guest.

How much should I charge for a pickup service?

The PICK-UP service, when not stipulated within the tour, is something to be arranged between Guides and Guests without intermediaries and paid in cash or PayPal on the day of the tour.

The amount will depend on the expenses and the time that this service means for the Guide, an average price is between 30€ and 40€, but this is only a suggested price. We recommend charging this service at the time of the meeting and not at the end of the tour because it may affect the Tip received.

What should I do when there is a mismatch between the available ticket times for the attractions on a tour?

You can rearrange the itinerary or propose a change of start time to the Guest, if this would mean extra transfer costs, please let us know before making a decision.

How is the working relationship of a guide with Local CoolTour defined?

Local CoolTour is a company that acts as an intermediary between the local guide and the final client, and receives a commission that will be accrued before payment is made to the guide for the experience.

The guide is responsible for compliance with the tax laws applicable in the country where the experience takes place, in relation to the service provided and the remuneration received.

How do I find out about the availability of tickets for an attraction?

You can check on the websites of each attraction or with the Team Leader in your area.

I have had a tour cancelled but I bought the tickets in advance due to lack of availability, what do I do now?

Please contact the Team Leader in your area.

Why do you suggest to be at the meeting point 10 minutes before the tour?

Guests usually arrive between 5 and 10 minutes before the tour. It is convenient not to generate a bad predisposition in the client before starting the tour, the first impression is crucial to generate confidence and for the good development of the tour.

It is also convenient to maintain a fluid communication channel before the date of the tour. All these factors help not only to provide a good service but also to improve the Tipping.

What happens if the Guest wants to customize the tour?

1- If the client books a standard experience and once assigned the experience decides to customize some elements with the assigned guide, the guide will make a budget of the additional part of the customization and will charge it autonomously without Local Cool Tour's intervention.

2- If the client makes a customization request before making the reservation, Local Cool Tour will prepare a quote for the total price of the experience.

Can I learn how to guide new Tours?

Yes, you just have to communicate it to the Team Leader of your area.

If there is a partial NO SHOW in a group of Guests, what is the policy?

Local Cool Tour will charge only for the number of Guests who showed up for the tour.

We will also charge for any expenses incurred by the guide prior to the tour for no-shows (purchase of tickets, airfare, etc.).

It is important when communicating this to understand that the amounts vary depending on the number of Guests.