About Us

We are partners and we love to travel. We are travel-addicted.

It is wonderful to discover new cities, different cultures, wonders of nature, tastes, but above all to meet people. Locals. They heighten your trip and make your experience much better.

Sometimes, during our trips, we find ourselves asking to ‘what to do’, or ‘where to go’, trying to get away from the typical touristic itineraries. We always tried to find local people who show us how they live, which places they frequent, the real places that well worth to visit.

So it occurred to us. Why don’t connect visitors with local people? Not just a common tour. We intend to offer a real private experience with a local host to discover the city in a local way, not just the iconic monuments, but also the streets, places, stories, tastes, surroundings, experiences, insights, that only can be enjoyed with people who live there.

We share this idea. So now we are a team. Fourteen people who love Barcelona and sharing it with visitors.

Enjoy Barcelona with us in a local way. Get all the insights you need from your local host to make the most of your visit!

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