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Are the tours totally private?

Yes, the tours and experiences are totally private. You will have a local host just for you.

How do I make a book with LOCAL COOLTOUR?

Follow this easy steps :

  • In our HOME page you can choose what type of tours you want to see: CITY TOURS / FOOD & DRINK / FAMILY TOURS / ENTERTEINMENT / OUT OF TOWN / BICYCLE TOURS / ALL TOURS
  • Browse through our different offers, select the one you like the most.
  • After choosing a private tour you will find a fully information page about that tour. Description, Itinerary, Reviews, etc.
  • Choose the number of people of your group, the date, and the starting time
  • Press BOOK NOW. You will be led to a confirmation page where you can see all the details of your tour before to confirm.
  • Finally you have to fill a little form with your personal details and choose your payment method
How do I pay for my booking?

Follow the steps to book your experience and select your preferred payment method. You can pay through Paypal or Credit Card.

You will pay just a RESERVATION FEE. The rest of the payment will be done in cash to your host after the tour ends.

How do I customize my tour?

Local Cooltour offers you three different modes to book a private tour :

  • A predefined experience of our menu (not customized)
  • A personalized private tour based on one of our predefined tours changing anything you want. You will find the customization formulary in the booking page of the tour you choose. Fill the form and send it to us and you will receive a quote via e-mail.
  • A total customization tour where you are the designer. We are very flexible, so you are free to make your own private tour or tell us which interests you have and we will help you to personalize your own experience and will send you a quote. You will find the customization form in the header menu.

Who will be joining me on my tour?

We are exclusively a private tour company, this means that it will be just you with the people you booked the experience with, and your Tour Guide.

Can I cancel a booking?

Yes you can cancel a booking

  • More than 4 days before the booking date without any charge. It means that you will be refunded 100 % of the booking price
  • Less than 4 days before the booking date. In that case LOCAL COOLTOUR will keep the reservation fee you’ve already paid. Each experience has a different reservation fee depending on, tickets in advanced to buy, reservations to be made, etc.

How is the procedure after I make my booking?

After you have paid your reservation fee and booked your experience LOCAL COOL TOUR will send you a confirmation e-mail with all the details of your booking, including the meeting point. Anyway your local host will contact you a few days before by e-mail so you could be in fluid contact for whatever reason.

What time and where is the meeting location?

Depending on the Tour you booked for, we will provide a meeting point and schedule. In the case of activities that include transport from hotels, we will provide them with the schedule for pickup from the hotels, 12 hours before the activity.

Is there a maximum number of people for groups?

Every tour has a different threshold for the amount of guests. We try to keep our private tours small, but if you have a special need for a bigger group please contact us, we will be happy to help.

Who is going to be my tour guide?

Your designated tour guide will contact you, you will be guided by a local or a long time resident.

Where are we meeting? Where do we leave off?

Every tour is different, that will depend on the experience you booked for, that information is displayed on the booking website and on your reservation.

What is the duration of my tour?

Every tour is different, that will depend on the experience you booked for, that information is displayed on the booking website and on your reservation.

Are the itineraries for your tours flexible?

We enjoy being adaptable and adjusting to what our visitors seem to enjoy the most.

It is frequently easy to spend more time at one location than another, take a short diversion to check out a store you've heard of, or have an unplanned coffee break. There are certain restrictions, though.

If you want to spend more time somewhere or add an additional activity or visit, changing your plan usually means skipping something else.

The flexibility of your tour may be constrained by the requirement to respect designated entrance times when tickets have been reserved for your initial activity.

In what language will the tour be conducted?

The tour will be done in the language you chose during the booking process if you need to change this do not hesitate to contact us. We will gladly change that for you.

When is the ideal moment to begin a tour?

Depending on the tour, for city tours the earliest in the morning, the better. In any case all of our tours have been carefully crafted to work perfectly so, if we offer a starting time is because we know the Tour will work.

Are tickets included? Do we have to buy them beforehand?

For Tours that include tickets you do not need to buy anything, we will take care of that for you. If you intend to visit a not included attraction during the tour please inform your tour guide so the tour is adapted to your needs. We recommend visiting non included attractions before or after the Tour.

Is it possible to reschedule in case of rain or bad weather?

You can reschedule up to 24 hours before the tour, but we do go out on rainy days.

Only in severe weather and for those on boats we may cancel or postpone tours.

Do you accept wheelchairs? What about those who have trouble walking?

We do, but each itinerary's accessibility requirements vary greatly; for more information, see the tour description and if you decide to proceed please inform your tour guide about this.

Occasionally, due to walking difficulties or wheelchair usage, we may need to shorten the route in order to adhere to the allotted number of hours.

Our schedules are intended for travelers who have no physical limitations and move slowly yet steadily. In any case, you can always make arrangements with your guide for covering wider distances on different means of transportation such as Taxis.

Do you plan for bathroom stops? Can we stop at a gift shop if we want?

In general, we schedule two or three toilet stops for full days and one pause for half day tours.

Ask your guide if you need more than that.

While it's usually simple to improvise a brief stop at one gift store at some point, we don't particularly arrange for gift-shop visits throughout our trips. Please be aware that excessive pauses or ones that are too lengthy will affect the pace and time of the itinerary, requiring your guide to cut or speed up the route.

Do you have experience with cruise passengers?

We have a great deal of experience with cruise guests. If needed you can arrange with your Tour Guide a pickup service from the port.

How do we move around?

Every tour is different, that will depend on the experience you booked for, that information is displayed on the booking website and on your reservation.

Are meals included?

Most of our Tours include a meal or a coffee stop. If the Tour you booked for includes a meal, you will be contacted by your tour Guide and asked to provide information about special diets or intolerances so everything can be arranged for you.

Are tips included?

Although it is always nice to receive monetary recognition of a good job, we do not include tips on the budget.

Is it necessary to bring the voucher?

It is necessary to bring the voucher as proof that you have purchased, and the number of passengers. It can be shown in digital format: Smartphone or tablet.

Do I need to bring a passport?

Unless you are instructed otherwise, it is not necessary to bring an original passport.