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September 4, 2019 Barcelona

The Three Kings Barcelona’s parade

Every 6th of January, Barcelona prepares for a very special and pleasant day to enjoy with the family. The city is decorated to receive the Three Wise Men, from the East, full of gifts to give to the children.

This festival is not only celebrated in Barcelona, but in many cities in Spain and around the world.

And what exactly is celebrated?

According to the legend, three kings went to the city of Belén to visit the newborn baby Jesus. The parade was on the night of January 5, and the next day, the three Kings, Melchor, Gaspar, and Baltasar, went to see the baby Jesus and brought him a gift each. Until reaching Belén, the kings made a long journey following a star, and that is why these kings come with their decorated carriages to the cities to give their gifts to all the children.

In 1855 it was the first time that the parade was celebrated in the city of Barcelona. The city organizes a great welcome to the Kings of the East, with a parade through the streets of the city, accompanied by an enormous procession of carriages, musicians, dancers, all dressed in many colors and lights for the event.

The festival changed throughout history, and since 1970, the Kings arrive in Barcelona by sea, on their boats, and are received by the mayor, who gives them the keys to the city so they can open, just that night, the doors of all the houses in Barcelona.

It is the night most longed for by all the children in the city, hoping that these magical Kings give their smiles and their candies to them. But the Kings only have candy for kids who’ve been good boys that year. For the bad ones…they have coal!!!!

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