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Arc de triomph

Triumphal Arch: the victories of the French army under the orders of Napoleon

The Triumphal Arch represents the victories of the French army under the orders of Napoleon, who ordered its construction.
Location Paris

The Arc de Triomphe (Triumphal Arch) is, along with the Eiffel Tower, the most representative monument in Paris. Its construction took thirty years: Napoleon ordered it in 1806 at the end of the Battle of Austerlitz and it was completed during the mandate of Louis-Philippe. It has witnessed countless historic moments, including the passing of Napoleon's mortal remains on 15 December 1840 and the military parades of the two world wars in 1919 and 1944. At its base is the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Although it is much lower than the Eiffel Tower, the views from the top are just as impressive.

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