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October 6, 2020 Barcelona

Safe tourism in the time of Covid: recommendations for travel in Europe

What to do? travel or not? is it better to stay at home? When the coronavirus appeared it seemed a distant subject, but day by day we realize that we have to live with this virus and go on with our lives, with a lot of conscience, responsibility and information.

The trips and their planning were completely affected, which began to make the organization of vacations difficult, also taking into account the closing of some cities, or some of their monuments.

But should we just sit back and do nothing?

No! This situation that we live at world-wide level does not prevent that, taking all the necessary precautions, we can plan incredible days within the European cities.

Much is said about Europe and its problems with Covid 19, discouraging many travelers. But little is said about the superhuman efforts that each place, from the small bar to the most important museums, make to guarantee the health of tourists and their own employees.